Almarm Learning Agreement

9 Attivit da riconoscereNOTE PER THE COMPILAZIONE DEL L.A.: CREDITI OPZIONALI Esempio: N.B. Si consiglia comunque a tutti gli studenti di compilare il piano di studi effettuando la scelta degli opzionali (anche qualora si inseriscano in learning agreement tutti i 12 cfu opzionali previsti dal piano di studi) rispettando le scadenze, per non avere problemi nel caso in cui non venga superato o sostenuto l`esame corrispondente ai crediti a scelta. Se voirnno superati all`estero tutti gli opzionali indicatei in learning agreement, allora non saré necessario sostenere anche quelli inseriti in piano di studi (se ne sono gié statinosciuti almeno 12); in caso contrario saré possibile sostenere al rientro gli opzionali inseriti in piano. Per gli studenti della Laurea Magistrale in Economia e Commercio, necessario prestare attenzione nella scelta degli opzionali al fine di rispettare la convenzione con l`ordine dei dottori commercialisti. Att estere Attivita da riconoscere Human Resources Management – 6 ECTS 6 CFU di SECS-P/10 School of Economics Management and Statistics – Forlé campus – University of Bologna International office: /27 – What is the deadline for submitting the Erasmus contract and the approved LA? The mobility agreement must be put online on the AlmaRM tool after the agreement of the curriculum and before leaving for the host university 48 other exchange opportunities The University of Bologna offers a number of other exchange opportunities: Erasmus – Mobility for internships: an exchange programme that allows to expand the professional and educational curriculum by working abroad in a private company or in the public sector. The next AY 2016/17 call will take place in September 2016; Overseas: an exchange programme that offers mobility outside the European Union and allows students to study at partner universities that have signed mobility agreements with Unibo. The next AY 2017/18 call will take place in October 2016; Graduate scholarships abroad: The School of Engineering and Architecture offers scholarships and research abroad to prepare the thesis. The tender is open to students preparing to graduate (laureandi) or graduates (within 6 months of the end date) and are available at: on-your-final-dissertation-abroad 25 How to submit THE LA you must submit your activities in different groups of correspondents using the group “Aggiungi gruppo” (not in a single list of exams); If you select “Studio” (this option is selected by default), the bottom of the page shows a number of fields in which you can enter the learning activities you want to perform abroad and also indicate the consistency with Unibo`s recognized learning activities.