Consultancy Agreement German

From the point of view of the customer agreement, you have to avoid things and you should get written confirmation in some form from your customers… 4.1 The success of the project depends primarily on the close collaboration between all parties involved. The client will carefully assist TMC in the project work. The client provides TMC with complete information about the companies under contract and all issues relevant to the project, as well as documents and information that TMC deems to be consistently important or necessary.4.2 The client must fully answer all TMC questions. , just and quickly in good conscience, where they are important for TMC`s project work. 4.3 If an interim director provided or selected by TMC is appointed, the client must also honour the cooperation commitments agreed with the acting manager. 4.4 The customer must check the interim results. , documents, discussion minutes, etc., which were immediately filed by TMC to verify that the factual information contained in them is accurate and complete in good conscience of the client. 4.5 At TMC`s request, the client undertakes to assure TMC in writing that the information provided to TMC is complete and correct in good conscience before TMC delivers the results.4.6 The client must ensure that the company being advised meets all necessary and appropriate organizational requirements.

the correct execution of the order. If necessary, it provides TMC and its agents with appropriate on-site workstations, allowing TMC to work in peace and confidentiality (including office, office equipment, PC, telephone and possibly integration into the company`s internal communication system).4.7 If and if the client does not fully and timely fulfill its cooperation commitment.4.7 If the customer does not fully and in a timely manner fulfill its commitment to cooperate. , as agreed with TMC. In serious cases, TMC is entitled to the exceptional termination of the contract after the expiry of a reasonable notice period for the performance of the duty of cooperation. TMC`s other rights and claims are not affected. Finally, it should be noted that the manner in which the parties determine their contractual relationship is irrelevant. In particular, it is irrelevant to know how the parties organized their contractual relationship in the contractual documents, but how the contractual relationship is exercised in the day-to-day activity. Even if both parties are convinced that their contractual relationship constitutes a service agreement, it can continue to be regarded as an employment relationship by the courts and the German authorities and vice versa. 3.1 TMC takes into account customer modification requests for the order, provided that this is possible within its operational capabilities and advice offer and to the extent that the implementation of the amendment is appropriate and proportionate.3.2 TMC may make small project changes without the customer`s prior consent. , to the extent that they are in line with the customer`s accepted will.

are urgent in nature and the customer cannot be contacted in time.