Iata Master Aircraft Maintenance Agreement

The IATA Guidance Material and Best Practices for LLPs Traceability (pdf) covers all the themes that play a role in the traceability of the airplane life (LLP) of The Birth. The document is primarily aimed at a technical audience (engineers working in the technical/technical services of the airline, as well as technical representatives of leasing companies, parts suppliers and distributors). While the paper examines some of the key challenges facing the sector in collecting data and information and collecting support documents to track LLP, it provides a methodology to ensure accurate traceability of LPs throughout their life cycle. It addresses issues with technical, regulatory, legal and commercial considerations in mind. These operations include aircraft maintenance activities, parts supply chain and logistics, as well as the transfer of aviation facilities. Following best practices in flight operations and industry models, the Ama Master was designed to facilitate negotiations on heavy maintenance events such as C controls, D-checks, structural controls and other types of aircraft maintenance. After the launch of 100 years of commercial flight, airlines must adopt the digital operating standards of an ever-increasing fleet, supplied by electronic and “connected” aircraft. The vision is to study efficiency and provide airlines with implementation guidelines in the field of technical operations. We offer a unique analysis of data and benchmarks with more than 50 airlines, which account for 25% of fleet and maintenance costs worldwide. The Aircraft Availability Document (pdf) aims to define the different types of availability on the basis of a common approach developed by aircraft operators and manufacturers, the measure being based on downtimes. The different downtime metrics are based on data collection for aircraft hours of service using the ATA Spec 2000 Out of Service data recording. It identifies aircraft unavailability drivers in two main categories: planned maintenance operations and unforeseen operations, in order to identify all possible causes that make an aircraft no longer available. In addition, we insert sector surveys (for example.

B capitalization of aircraft depreciation and maintenance costs, paperless supply chains, CEP) and projects (e.g. B, standardization of maintenance contracts, aircraft leasing and maintenance reserves) for the benefit of the company community. The details of Contributor Iryna Khomenko Iryna is currently working at IATA on an industry presentation agreement for engine shop visits and harmonized documents for aircraft rental transfer. Prior to joining IATA, she worked for six years as head of maintenance and financial engineering at Aerosvit Airlines in Ukraine. Its missions included financial and economic aspects of the airline`s technical operations. Iryna began her career as an economist in Ukrainian – Mediterranean Airlines, after earning her master`s degree in management and economics.