What Does The Term Agreement Mean Apex

8.4. Complete Agreement This agreement, along with all the directives and directives incorporated in this Reference Agreement, constitute the entire agreement of the parties and cannot be amended or amended in writing by an agreement signed by both parties. 3.2. Apex Digital Limited Shares reserves the right to restrict or remove from its servers content that violates this Agreement or related directives or directives, or that are potentially contrary to the rights of third parties or possibly to laws. If we are aware of any violation by you of this contract, directives or directives, rights or laws of third parties, Apex Digital Limited may take immediate corrective action, including, but not limited to, (a) the disclosure of warnings, b) suspension or termination of service, (c) limit or prohibit any use of content, which is hosted on Apex Digital Limited`s systems and/or (d) the deactivation or removal of hyperlinks to third-party sites, your content broadcast or disseminated through the Services, or other content not provided by Apex Digital Limited which, at the sole discretion of Apex Digital Limited, violates laws or rights of third parties, or that potentially suspend or expose Apex Digital Limited to civil or criminal liability or a public spot. This is Apex Digital Limited`s policy to stop repeat offenders. However, Apex Digital Limited`s right to take corrective action does not require us to monitor the information available for distribution through the services or to exercise editorial control. If Apex Digital Limited takes corrective action in the wake of such a breach, Apex Digital Limited is not required to reimburse you for the fees paid in advance. 7.3. Effects of dismissal. At the end of these conditions, for some reason: (i) you will immediately cease to use the Services, (ii) all fees and licenses granted to you under these conditions will expire and (iii) you will immediately pay all arrears to Apex. No waiver of Icon to a clause or condition in these Terms of Use is considered to be a continuing or ongoing waiver or waiver of that clause or condition, or as a waiver of another clause or condition, and Icon`s failure to assert a right or provision under these Terms of Use does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision.

INTERNET CONNECTION, EA ACCOUNT AND ACCEPTANCE OF EA PRIVACY AND COOKIE POLICY (privacy.ea.com) AND USER AGREEMENT (terms.ea.com) REQUIRED TO ACCESS ONLINE FEATURES. YOU NEED TO BE 13 DEGREES TO ACCESS THE FEATURES ONLINE. EA MAY RETIRE FEATURES ONLINE AFTER 30 DAYS NOTICES POSTED ON www.ea.com/service-updates. 8.9. Survival All provisions of this Agreement relating to your guarantees, intellectual property rights, limitation and disclaimer, your compensation and payment obligations apply even after the end or expiry of this Agreement. You must accept the terms of this agreement in order to be able to use the services. By using the Services, you acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of sale contained in this contract as well as by all acceptable terms of use included by reference. Apex Digital Limited reserves the right to modify or modify at any time and from time to time, at its discretion, the terms set out in this Agreement, any complement and policy or policy incorporated by reference, and to determine whether and when such changes apply to existing and future customers.

Any changes or changes take effect on the date of publication of the revisions on the Apex Digital Limited website (the “website”). Your continued use of the Services after Apex Digital Limited releases changes or changes is your consent to such changes or changes.