Snhu Master Agreement

We are always looking for more partners! For more information on how we could work together, please contact us at 802-489-5080 – or email us at Thank you for your filing. A confirmation email was sent to the Response_email. Please click on the “Check” link to confirm your deposit. Although the origin of the Professional Development Outreach Center was in the field of education, it has developed beyond this field. Professionals in other fields, including the mental health community, business and arts and sciences, have used the Professional Development Outreach Center as a vehicle for their students and collaborators to gain additional knowledge and experience in their chosen field. The number of credits allocated for an activity depends on the length of the class or the activity offered. Certain policies and procedures are described when an organization uses the centre as a credit agency for an activity. The University of Southern New Hampshire is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Compliance with our partnership agreement and all academic guidelines and procedures. Your mailing is confidential and your email address will never be posted or sold on the site. It is only used to help us resolve any issues with your submission and keep you informed of updates to this project. Comments are optional and are hosted by The Chronicle. Act as a catalyst for the development of creative options for in-service experiences; Recording materials and notes and transcripts and transcripts Orange-Windsor Supervisory Union, South Royalton, VT In addition to the postgraduate degrees and extensive certification offerings from the Field-based Graduate Program in Education, the Professional Development Outreach Center (PDOC) is also an important part of our campus program mission.

It provides schools, oversight unions, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations and independent advisors with the opportunity to provide accredited professional development opportunities when specific and unique needs are created. Our goal is multiple: South East Vermont Learning Cooperative, Brattleboro, VT Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has long used innovative and flexible programs for adult students, especially those whose educational needs are neglected. In addition to providing field-based (off-campus and on-site) space, the Professional Development Outreach Center is another way to provide a flexible structure for field professionals to participate in lifelong learning that meets their needs. SNHU can provide some of these experiences, but is aware that colleagues, the administration, independent consultants and other service providers can sometimes better meet this goal. Development of the initial course/workshop with the help of the centre`s staff in case of need. Our Professional Centre for Development and Education offers a tool for the development of courses of different lengths, designed in a unique way, that support the objectives of local schools or educational institutions.